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I’m calling this project “Rusty Wings”. Maybe not that original but naming projects can be an art in itself. It’s another Winged Vest but in the orange & rust hues. I’m knitting this one so I can fine tune the pattern. I am determined to write this pattern for publication. I’ve had so many requests for it that this one may be worth while sharing.

I write patterns of my designs but most of the time it’s just for my own records. If in case I want to make another project I can refer back to my notes. That is why I started this blog, was not available yet and I wanted access to my knitting notes online. I was tired of searching around for the bits of paper or notebook or napkin that I took notes on. Create a blog! Great idea!

They asked what I wanted to call my blog and AnaBanana was a nickname for obvious rhyming reasons so I went with BananaKnits. Some old friends still refer to me as “The Banana”. I guess no matter how old you get certain nicknames stick. Like Shrimpie in Downton Abbey, I did not like the season ending by the way but I digress…..

Often it’s just several photographs to track what I’ve done. I use the camera as a tool helping me to remember details. It’s easier to search my iPhoto library than looking for notes on paper that I may or may not have filed in the right place.  I will photograph my progress and embed texted details.

What yarn did I use? Where did I get it? In this case it was And what size needles I used. I have interchangeable needles and have both metal and bamboo sets. (size 5) I discovered that I really like knitting with one bamboo needle and one metal needle. I’m not exactly sure why but it seems to feel better than bamboo against bamboo or metal on metal. Go figure. If it works I’m going with it.



Currently on the needles, close but “no cigar”. I’m frogging.


Why do I pick one project over another? Simply because it sang to me.! No logic no rhyme or reason it simply caught my fancy. I will not knit on commission and have a hard time knitting for others. Unless the person is very dear to me and most of all a knit appreciator. Someone who really knows how much actual work goes into a hand knit item.

I’m lucky in my immediate family they just don’t like hand knitted items. For whatever reason I don’t know because I so love wearing them. This turns out to be lucky for me. Other than once in a while I will knit a pair of wool socks or a wool hat that is it for my immediate family. If I’m wearing something and a dear friend admires it I have happily given them the piece. But no knitting on command or commission it seems to take all the fun out of it.

Many many years ago, I was around 18 and a bit inexperienced with these matters but I was young. I was knitting a shawl for myself and my roommates boyfriend asked if I would knit him a cabled “fisherman” type sweater. Somehow he talked me into it offering to buy all the materials and paying me to take on this commission. I guess I was flattered that he would pick me to knit him a sweater. I told you I was a bit naive about this stuff.

We went and bought the materials and I got started right away but I was young and there was some partying to do so the knitting got put on the back burner. I think I finished the back and halfway up the front. And the project slowly became a night mare. I hated knitting on it and the boyfriend started to get inpatient. Why aren’t you knitting? He would ask me periodically. First it was kind of polite “oh I’m busy with some other things” and slowly but surely it became an issue!

One night I was getting ready to go out and “the boyfriend” (I really have forgotten his name) demanded that I stay home and finish his sweater! Are you crazy? No he says I’m paying you! To which I said if I pay you will you leave me alone?

On the needles, Wingspan Dickey





I rarely use straight knitting needles, although for many many years I did not even know that they had circular needles. I’ve been knitting for over 60 years and the knitting world as everything has “come a long way baby”.

I now use interchangeable circular needles for almost all of my projects. The weight of the project distributes better on the cables therefore taking the weight and strain off the wrist. And when you knit as much as I do you want to save your body parts as much as you can.

I also carry these knitting projects from place to place and the tips need protection some times so the stitches don’t fall off the needles. I also like to keep a small crochet hook handy in case I drop a stitch or two. I first saw these Needle Keepers on (the two blue tubes in the picture) then I realized that I already had better tubes that I kept after using the beads that they originally held. (JoAnn’s glass beads).

I knew they would come in handy, perfect for holding dpn sock needles and crochet hooks and now Circular Needle protectors. I just cut a small slit at the bottom with a razor blade and voila! A Circular Needle Protector with a crochet hook holder. Light weight and only $2.39 with beads in them! After you used the beads keep the tube, recycling is a beautiful thing.




In case you are wondering, that is Cat Bordhi egging me on and having a good laugh. And in the background Anna Zilboorg, we were visiting Cat in the San Juan Islands. As you can hear from all of us laughing a good time was had by all.